March 27 – Blessed Father Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus, Carmelite (d. 1967)

The Virgin causes grace to spring forth from God's bosom

The motherhood of the Blessed Virgin resides in the transmission of grace. She is a Mother, the Mother of Christ, of the whole Christ. She is co-redemptrix. Consequently, with Christ, she is linked to the production of grace.

She is immaculate, therefore all holy and all beautiful: God does not deny her anything. She is the queen seated at his right, to whom he cannot refuse anything. Hers is an extraordinary power of intercession, which causes grace to come forth from God as she pleases, because of her holiness, because she is the most beautiful of all creatures, and a prodigy in heaven.

The Virgin does not produce grace, but she makes it spring forth from the bosom of God.

Blessed Father Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus

Notes, March 1st, 1964

In the Notebook of the Notre Dame de Vie Institute ‘Je veux demander pour vous l’Esprit Saint,’ Editions du Carmel

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