June 1 – Our Lady of Holy Languor (France)

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows

In Boutissaint (Department of Yonne, France), near Sens and Auxerre, is the shrine of Notre-Dame de Langueur, a priory founded in the second half of the 12th century by the canons of St. Augustine.

Although many authors have questioned the identity of this male saint allegedly called 'Saint Languor', thought to be Saint Lazarus (Jesus’ friend whom he raised from the dead) because of the languor that precedes death, or to have been an obscure monk called Saint Langorius venerated in the churches of Crain and Escamps (France), it seems certain that the name actually refers to a local denomination of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, also known as Our Lady of the Seven Tongues (“Langues”), distorted into the expression “Saint Langue” in the local dialect.

This devotion is attested in the parish church of Saint-Symphorien de Treigny (Yonne, France), where an altar of the ambulatory, consecrated around 1830 and decorated with a beautiful carved Pietà, is framed with the following painted inscription: Salvation of the sick, have mercy on us! The feast of Our Lady of Languors is celebrated on the 15th of September, the feast of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, or the Sunday that is the closest.

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