April 3 – Our Lady of the Cross (Italy, 1490)

It is good to know what She said “no” to (II)

To better understand the value of her "yes," it is good to know what Mary said “no” to.

She said “no” to the temptation to oppose God's decision. She saw the cross waiting for Jesus. She could have begged God to change the course of events, but instead she accepted them. She said “no” to the feeling of repulsion she probably felt about becoming the mother of us all. From the cross, Jesus entrusted to her his faithful disciples, that is to say, all of us.

She said “no” - and continues saying so - to even the smallest negligence in her love or prayer for us. Mary did not resent the disciples who abandoned Jesus on the cross. After the Ascension, she devoted her time to praying for us. She lives in the kingdom of Heaven, attentive to what is happening on Earth, remaining forever the best of mothers.

Let us ask our Holy Mary to give us the strength to say “no,” as well as “never”: the strength to never forget her, to never cease to love her, and to never fail to turn to her when we need help.

Excerpt from an article adapted from a text by Alejandra María Sosa Elízaga, for the Archdiocese of Mexico (SIAMO) and taken from the Spanish edition of Aleteia 

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