May 17 - Mary Auxiliatrix (Turino, Italy, 1903)

Our Lady of Guadalupe's Eyes

In 1951, an artist, Carlos Salinas Chavez, noticed a bearded man in the Virgin's right eye using a simple magnifying glass. Later examination of the eyes found several representations of people in the Virgin's eyes. According to the phenomenon of Purkinje-Samson, the images are threefold-the reflection of the image, its size and orientation that are found in the glare of a real pupil. When light is approached, one sees the same reflections as on the human eye: the cornea, the edge of the pupil and the lens move when the light source is moved (a phenomenon that can be seen in the human eye, but has never been painted on canvas or opaque surfaces that have no reflection). "This is pure folly. But the images are there and we can't pretend they don't exist," several scientists have observed.

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