March 15 - Our Lady of the Underground (Chartres, France, 911)

Our Lady of the Underground

Chartres Cathedral is a place of magnificent diversity. Its architecture leads the eyes towards the light and the altar. The cathedral conveys a humble, sweet spirituality (cf. Saint Fulbert of Chartres). Here, Mary presents her Son everywhere. The entire cathedral is a celebration of the Incarnation. Our Lady is depicted 173 times... The most famous representations of Mary are: Our Lady of Underground in the crypt, with its rich historical references The very popular Virgin of the Pillar Our Lady of the Beautiful Stained-Glass Window... Members of the Chemin Neuf Community celebrate vespers in the transept at 3 o'clock p.m. Csilla Kovac, a Hungarian member, remembers, "Our calling is to pray for the unity of Christians and peace in the world. The very first time that we sang vespers in the cathedral, it was on September 11, 2001!"

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