March 11 - Our Lady of the Forests (Great Britain, 1419)

To Jesus through Mary, with Joseph

Hail Joseph, blessed with Divine Grace, the Savior rested in your arms and grew before your eyes. Blessed are you among all men, and blessed is the fruit of your Virginal Spouse, Jesus. Holy Joseph, foster Father of the Son of God, pray for us, watch over our family, health and work, until our last day, and let us have recourse to you at the hour of our death. Amen. As the foster Father of the Son of God, chaste Spouse of the Virgin Mary, and Patron of the universal Church, Joseph was placed alongside Mary like the seraph watching over the Tabernacle. Jesus said "yes" at the Incarnation, in the spirit of Psalm 39, and Mary said "yes" at the Incarnation on behalf of all humanity, but Joseph also said "yes" to be the head of the Holy Family. Joseph was great, righteous, had given his life to God, and he was waiting for the Messiah. He gladly accepted to "take Mary home" as soon as he understood God's plan.

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