February 24 - The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady (Italy, 1879) - Paul Claudel (d.1955)


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Thank You, Mother of Jesus Christ

"It's twelve noon. The door of the church is open. I must enter. Mother of Jesus Christ, I'm not coming to pray. I have nothing to offer and nothing to ask for. I come only to look at you, Mother. To look at you, cry out of happiness, knowing that I am your son and you are there. Just for a moment while everything stops. It's noon and I'm with you, Mary, in this place where you are. I say not a word; I just look at your face and let my heart sing its own language. I say not a word, but I only sing because my heart is so full. Like the swallow following his own idea in sudden melodies. Because you are beautiful, because you are immaculate, the woman finally returned to grace, the creature in her prime honor and final flourish - just as she came out of God on the morning of her original splendor: ineffably intact because you are the mother of Jesus Christ, who is truth in your arms, and the only hope and fruit. Because you are the woman, the Garden of Eden of former tenderness forgotten, whose eyes look straight into my heart and cause all the accumulated tears to flow. Because you saved me, because you have saved France, because you thought of both France and myself, because at a time when the end was near, it was you who intervened. You saved France once again, because it's noon, because we are in this day and age, because you are there forever, just because you are Mary. Thank you simply because you exist, Mother of Jesus Christ."

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