February 3 - Our Lady of Seidaneida (near Damascus, Syria)


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The Preservation of the Image of Guadalupe is Inexplicable for Science (I)

In 1531, a "Lady from Heaven" appeared to a poor Indian named Juan Diego, on the Mount of Teypeyac in Mexico. Juan Diego used his "tilma" to carry out-of-season roses to the bishop as a sign from the Mother of God and confirm the authenticity of the apparitions. As he unfolded his tilma before the Bishop, he discovered a miraculously printed picture of the Blessed Virgin on his humble cloak. The tilma is a poor quality garment, made from cactus fiber, which should have deteriorated in 20 years' time. Copies of the original, some of them made in the eighteenth century, did not withstand the test of time. Juan Diego's tilma, 477 years old, is perfectly preserved and shows no signs of deterioration.

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