December 27 - Institution of the Knights of Our Lady (1370)

Mary's Own Understanding

I am convinced that when the shepherds arrived at the grotto, they did not go straight to the Christ Child. They must have looked first at the Blessed Virgin Mary, looked in her eyes; she would have shown them her Child, and then they would have looked at Jesus with her eyes. Try to meditate upon the mysteries of the Gospel with the Virgin's eyes. Think about the death of Christ on the Cross. Do you think you have exhausted the depths of that mystery? Then say to yourself, "How would Mary have seen her Son on the cross?" And then ask Mary, "Give me a little of your own understanding." In this manner, the Virgin is no longer the reality of the holiness that you venerate in your eyes; she takes you, wraps you in her mantle, and helps you to meditate all these mysteries through her own eyes.

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