December 3 - Notre Dame of Victories (Paris, 1836)

Consecrate Your Parish to the Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary (II)

After giving thanks, I examined the way in which I had offered the Holy Sacrifice. Only then did I remember that I had been distracted, but my memory was very confused, and I had to think very hard for a few moments in order to remember what had actually happened. I wondered how my distraction had ended, and then I suddenly remembered the words that I had heard and this thought froze me with terror. I tried in vain to deny the possibility of receiving this internal locution. (...) As I stood up (I was alone in the sacristy), I heard these words distinctly again, "Consecrate your parish to the Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary." I fell down on my knees again, and my first reaction was of utter amazement. I had heard the same words, spoken by the same voice and in the same manner. Earlier, I had tried my best not to believe; at least I thought I should doubt what had happened. Now, I could not doubt what I had heard; I could only pretend to myself. A feeling of sadness seized me; old concerns arose in my mind and tormented my spirit again.

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